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Easy Care Crushed Velvet – Care Guide

This is a new generation of easy care velvet. It is soft and luxurious to the touch and embodies the distinctive intensity of colour that only polyester can give. The very latest dyeing techniques are employed together with the fabric being finished with a crushed appearance. Colours have been selected to compliment any home.
Composition 100% Polyester

Usage severe contract use.

Please note: If bobbling or piling occurs on this fabric, this is not a problem and will not have any detrimental effect on the wearing ability of the fabric. Removal by a ‘de-fuzzer’ is the most effect method and returns fabric to its original appearance. Pile fabrics, by their very nature, do often have a tendency to pressure mark. This is a natural characteristic of this type of fine fabric. It does not in any way detract from the wearing ability of this quality fabric.

Cleaning Instructions: Removable covers: Machine wash at maximum 40 °C
Stain Removal: To remove the most common stains: Clean as soon as possible. Absorb wet stains. Scrape of solids (don’t go against the grain). Wash with an ordinary detergent and water.

STAIN Butter, Jam, Chocolate Spread, Mustard, Ketchup, French Dressing, Coffee, Milk, Fruit Juice
TREATMENT Warm water with detergent
POST-TREATMENT Rinse with lukewarm water

STAIN Methylated Spirit
TREATMENT Rinse with weak vinegar

STAIN Ink, Ball-point, Felt tip
TREATMENT Methylated spirit

STAIN Shoe Polish, Lipstick
TREATMENT Stain Remover

STAIN Nail polish
TREATMENT Ethyl acetate

STAIN Chewing gum
TREATMENT Harden the gum and remove with ethyl acetate

Fire Retardancy: This fabric conforms to BS5852 Part 1 Cigarette & Match Test when tested with flexible urethane foam at nominal density of 22kg/cm.

Crib 5: With further treatment this fabric can be treated to conform to BS5852 FR3 CRIB ignition source % when tested in conjunction with CMHR 35 foam.

Colour Matching’s: Every effort is made to ensure the closest possible colour match to our pattern books, but we are unable to guarantee an exact match. If you require to match to fabric, please send us a sample or request a stock cutting of the shade. Always check the fabric before cutting.